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Day Treatment

Youth Extensions Inc. has a Day Treatment location in both Durham and Northampton county. Day Treatment is a facility based mental health service designed for children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 years. Day Treatment services are provided for approximately 6 months. Day Treatment staff provide mental health interventions in the context of a treatment milieu. These interventions include a variety of structured treatment service programs that build on strengths and address identified functional problems associated with the complex conditions of each individual consumer and family.

Outpatient Therapy (OPT)

Youth Extensions Inc. provides Outpatient Therapy in the Alliance and Trillium catchment areas. 

  • Outpatient staff are, at minimum, Master’s level clinicians who provide treatment including individual and family therapy.
  • Outpatient Therapy can be provided in various settings including in our facility, in your home, in the community or in school.
  • Outpatient Therapy can vary in frequency, with most consumers meeting with a counselor as little as once every other week, to as often as 2-3 times per week.
​Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

Youth Extensions, Inc. provides the services of a physician and other medical providers who will evaluate patients for different treatment options including the use of medications. Medication use includes prescribed medications, and may include over-the-counter or alternative medications provided to the person served as part of the therapeutic treatment program. Medication treatment is used in response to specific symptoms, behaviors, and conditions for which the use of medications is indicated and deemed efficacious. Such treatments are directed toward maximizing the functioning of the persons served while reducing their specific symptoms and minimizing the impact of side effects.

Clinical Assessments​

Youth Extensions, Inc. provides Comprehensive Clinical Assessments through both its' Durham and Wake county locations. Clinical Assessments are completed by either fully licensed clinicians or provisionally licensed professionals. The Clinical Assessment examines the major life domains of the consumer to include family, school/work, social, psychological and health; and assesses for needs and strengths. The Clinical Assessment offers recommendations for services, supports and treatment for the consumer. The Clinical Assessment is the core assessment tool for the development of the Person Centered Plan, which is developed for all consumers who qualify for mental health services.

Our Services

Youth Extensions, Inc. offers a spectrum of counseling and behavioral health services designed to meet the varying needs of the children and families we serve. Youth Extensions, Inc. is nationally accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) and is recognized by North Carolina as a ​Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency (CABHA).

Intensive In-Home Services

Youth Extensions Inc. provides Intensive In-Home Services in both Wake and Durham counties.

  • Intensive In-Home Services are targeted towards children/adolescents whose behaviors or frequent crisis episodes put them at imminent risk of being removed from their family and going into an out-of-home placement such as therapeutic foster care, group home, Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) or Psychiatric Hospitalization.
  • Intensive In-Home Services  provides short-term treatment which typically lasts 3-6 months.
  • Intensive In-Home Services includes between 3-5 weekly sessions with the child and family.
  • Intensive In-Home Services sessions typically last longer than average therapy sessions, and can last up to 2 hours.
  • Intensive In-Home Services are designed to meet the immediate needs of the child and family
  • To reduce crisis episodes and prevent out of home placement.

Behavioral Health Services for Children and Families